About Us

Prestigious. Legendary. Reliable. The principles that you know Steyr for today were first established by Josef Werndl when he launched Steyr Mannlicher in 1864 with the production of the modern breech-loading rifle system. His patented firearm was renowned for its quality and unique gun lock. It was so revered that demand for the rifle quickly grew across the world. Soon, the precursor to Steyr Arms was producing 8,000 rifles per week. Through the decades, we’ve stared down many challenges and met each with flying colors. Today, Josef Werndl’s drive to produce the most reliable firearms on the market is alive and well in our company. We manufacture top-of-the-line guns that are distinguished as accurate, proven and engineered for precision. In the twenty-first century, we at Steyr continue to build on our legendary reputation by delivering the best out of the box firearm to you.