Craft Holsters Open Top Leather Belt Holster - 2 Colors Available

Craft Holsters Open Top Leather Belt Holster - 2 Colors Available

Craft Holsters Cross Draw Leather Holster - 2 Colors Available

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This holster is designed for the L Models only.

This belt holster is designed for the OWB cross-draw carry. It features two belt slots, which allow closer ride of the handgun and canted carry for comfortable carry. It is available in right and left-handed design and in black and brown color. The holster is designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Materials That Enable A Fast Draw: The cross draw position requires a good cant, strong leather and good stitching. This holster combines these assets. The leather and retention strap hold the gun in position and safe. The stitching supports the most manipulated areas.

Geometry Of The Holster Makes The Difference: The holster is positioned on the belt in a cross draw configuration supported by widespread and reinforced belt loops. The gun rides closely to the body and can be drawn easily. The holster has a geometry that puts the barrel and the handle in one straight line.

Shape And Perfect Fit Are The Key Features: The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. It fits like a glove and holds the shape.

The Story Of Our Leather: The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide leather. It has a thickness of 7 oz. The shape is retained thanks wet-molding. Our craftsmen use vegetable oils that are applied repeatedly to ensure all layers of leather are treated. The dying process then follows the treatment process, the leather is hand-dyed in natural colors layer by layer. The last step of the process is adding a shellac layer to prolong the lifespan of the holster.

  • OWB, cross-draw carry
  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design
  • Available in black or mahogany leather
  • Steel-reinforced thumb break
  • Two belt slots for comfortable carry
  • Available in left and right-handed design
  • 5 year limited warranty
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